Curia aims to deliver good value for money. We ensure complete transparency with respect to fees and costs, including a full review of the fee structure upon our first meeting. Upon request, we will clarify the exact scope of our assignment in a written agreement, using the model agreement of the Flemish Bar Council (OVB), and taking into account the advisory practice of the Committee for unlawful practices.


We normally charge a fee on the basis of billable time recording, combined with an hourly rate. The hourly rate is fixed on the basis of the nature and degree of complexity of the file, and the experience and the know-how of the case handler. We also sometimes take account of the urgency of the file, and/or the results achieved.


The nature of the file may also justify a fixed fee or a percentage of the achieved result (e.g. in the case of execution of unpaid invoices).


Other than the fee, we also charge overhead for fixed costs, typically on the basis of a percentage of the fee. However we may also charge disbursements to the file on the basis of costs effectively made for that file (surface mail, telephone calls and facsimile, photocopies and database consultation.).

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