Curia is an established law firm offering a full service to undertakings and entrepreneurs. The firm consists of more than 15 solicitors, each a specialist in their chosen field of expertise and all with considerable experience as well as a strong academic background.


Curia's approach to legal practice is modern and pro-active. We offer solutions, rather than lingering on the problems. When we advise, we go straight to the point and prefer opting for practical feasibility. Where litigation is necessary, we opt for thoroughly reviewed and balanced solutions reached during a process of negotiation, however, when necessary, we dig deep in order to secure our clients' best interests in court. Commitment is omnipresent in all our work.

Curia - Arnould Nobelstraat 38 - 3000 Leuven - T +32 16 50 00 51 - F +32 16 50 00 52

Congresstraat 35 - 1000 Brussel - T +32 2 503 53 00 - F +32 2 503 68 00