Curia aims to deliver uncompromisingly top quality. We deliver on this mission through our solicitors who each have a thorough specialisation, based on exhaustive research.


We go the core of the issue in our advice, employing the correct assessment of the problem, and we seek to reach a practically achievable solution or recommendation supported by both fact and the law.


When we negotiate we do not just think legal. We engage tactically and strategically until the desired aim has been reached. We keep our eyes and ears open for hidden agendas and we play our trumps carefully.


If and when we litigate, we are steadfast. We bring our case across clearly and with force. If necessary we go all the way to reach results.


First and foremost, we are solution driven and engage our clients in this process. We prefer balanced settlement over and above lengthy, costly, and uncertain litigation. But we do not hold back when required. We'll walk on fire if needed.


Our experience and thirst for knowledge inspire us to rely on the very latest developments in statutes and case-law..


We talk straight. We do not use legal vocabulary for the sake of it.


Finally we offer more than legal solutions. You can count on our personal commitment. Your problem becomes ours and our commitment, guarantees you a sound solution.

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